Estate jewelry tells a story

All jewelry sparkles in its own light. But estate jewelry tells a story.

Perhaps it’s your great-grand mother’s wedding band, passed down through the women in your family over decades. Maybe it’s a vintage pendant uncovered at a flea market, inscribed with a message from an unknown lover.

Everything old becomes new again when you buy vintage, and your piece’s one-of-a-kind history becomes the best gift.

There are a number of reasons for the resurgence of estate jewelry, from your age (studies show your generation plays a factor) to your budget or to the fact that you’re an “Antiques Roadshow” addict.

Do you recall the episode where a woman brought in an alleged cubic zirconia ring she purchased for $30? And it ended up being a French antique worth thousands? We can only imagine having such good fortune. 

Discoveries like hers happen all the time, through both inheritance and happenstance. A small marking on the ring piqued the woman’s curiosity and prompted her to bring her ring to the experts–the Antiques Roadshow experts. Their tests determined her cubic zirconia was in fact a 1.5 carat diamond, surrounded by even more diamonds, set in platinum, and worth, conservatively, $30,000.

You may have a jewelry box full of sentimental family baubles that have never been appraised, or possibly after reading this you’re now curious about a piece picked up at a downtown vintage store.

Whatever inspires you, the most important takeaway should be to bring in your jewelry to a certified expert, especially if you’re looking to sell. You may have a diamond in the rough, or you may unfortunately have a fake. Trust our experts at Sandler’s Diamonds & Time to help you determine the real value in your valuables. 

The rise of estate jewelry

Family heirlooms once had the stigma of being gaudy or too fancy to wear every day. But today’s Millennials are craving unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind rather than mass produced. They want art deco, filigree, colorful jewels to wear with jeans. Estate jewelry—categorized as such for having been pre-owned—fills that market, while also giving the shopper a thrill, and often a relief to their wallet.

Unlike brand-new items, estate jewelry also often comes with a smaller price tag. Millennials in the current job climate, as well as, interestingly enough, Baby Boomers who are looking to walk down the aisle a second time, are top shoppers in the pre-owned jewelry market. 

While we all hope to uncover a diamond-gem in the rough like the woman on Antiques Roadshow, it’s important to exercise caution when purchasing estate jewelry. Like any gamble, there are risks associated with buying estate jewelry. Pieces can be damaged or have had poor repairs. There are also knockoffs of every era of jewelry, and at the end of the day, the person you’re buying from may not even know she’s selling a fake.

If you’re looking to purchase or sell an authentic piece of estate jewelry, turn to our experts at Sandler’s Diamonds & Time. We offer professionally examined estate jewelry as part of our selection, as well as jewelry appraisals. Shop our selection, and uncover a story-filled journey to owning the ring, necklace or diamond of your dreams.

If you have any questions about vintage and estate jewelry, give us a call or stop by the store.