Why get a jewelry appraisal?

You wouldn’t purchase a home without an appraisal—nor would you insure your car without knowing its market value. Jewelry is no different. No matter its price tag, its age, or the path it followed into your hands.

A recently purchased luxury watch. Delicate inherited jewels from your grandmother. The diamond engagement ring he proposed with. These captivating pieces are priceless in spirit, but insurance companies require a designated fair market value in order to protect them. Just as you’d safeguard your home or car against theft, damage, or disappearance, it’s necessary to insure expensive jewels. A trusted appraiser can provide a thorough view into your jewelry’s value and the costs associated with their potential loss.

With an appraisal from Sandler’s Diamonds & Time you can confidently know that your investment is covered.

Our G.I.A. Certified Gemologist is both qualified and adept at creating expert appraisals. Every detail is carefully examined and documented, ensuring a complete and professional appraisal.

Do you have questions about the appraisal process? Hopefully, we have the answer below!

Why should I get an appraisal?

Like anything valuable, you’ll want to protect it and insure it from theft, damage or disappearance. In order to insure it, insurance companies require documentation on the fair-market value of the item, from a professional appraisal. While an item’s sentimentality cannot be replaced, appraisals keep you safeguarded financially from a worst case scenario.

What kind of items do you appraise?

We appraise watches, diamonds, new and pre-owned jewelry.

Will you provide paperwork for my insurance company?

Yes. When you bring in a valuable for an appraisal, we will provide you with professional documentation that you can then submit to your insurance company.

I’m looking to sell an item. Do I need an appraisal?

That’s a common misconception. Appraisals are primarily required documentation for insurance companies. If you are looking to sell an item, you can bring it in for us to test and examine. If we’d like to purchase it, we’ll make an offer.

What’s the difference between vintage and estate jewelry? Should both be appraised?

All valuable jewelry should be appraised. Estate jewelry simply means an item is pre-owned, whereas vintage jewelry is estimated around 20 to 30 years old. Antique is classified as more than 100 years old.

Do you have a certified gemologist on site?

Yes, we have an on-site G.I.A. Certified Gemologist.

Do you accept walk-ins or should I make an appointment?

Both! Appointments aren’t necessary, but they will guarantee our Gemologist is available upon walking in the door.

If you notice an appraised piece is damaged, can you perform repairs?

Absolutely! If you bring in a piece for appraisal and we notice it needs certain repairs, we’ll share the details, and also open a discussion to whether we can fix it and what the fees associated with it would cost.

If you still have questions, please feel free to stop by or call 843-936-3516 if you’re in the Charleston area or 803-726-3537 in Columbia.