When it comes to wearing and owning cherished valuables, there are questions on how to care for them. Beyond being careful with them and routine maintenance, insurance and appraisals are often one of the best ways to protect your assets. Because we all know that sometimes there are things that we cannot control. Sandler’s Diamonds & Time makes the process quick and easy. So you can get back to wearing and enjoying your pieces!

What are Insurance Appraisals and Why Do I Need One?

Much like auto or homeowner’s insurance, you can have an insurance policy on your valuable items! Insurance companies require clear documentation for typically every item covered. From Grandma’s Baroque Pearls to your shiny new Omega Speedmaster, you’ll want to have proper insurance appraisals.

Similarly to other insurance policies, policies on your valuables like watches and jewelry can help cover the costs if something is lost or damaged. For example if you suffer an accident and your expensive watch is crushed, your insurance policy may help to cover the work to restore it. Or if you accidently drop your diamond engagement ring down the drain the policy may cover replacement. In these types of cases we suggest reviewing your policies to see what they cover. Every policy is different, but they are key to peace of mind!

Often, it’s recommended to insure anything valued $1000 or more. This typically includes luxury watches, engagement pieces, and larger pieces. However it is good practice to check with your provider on what they cover. Especially if you wear your jewelry or watches daily.

It is important to note that an insurance appraisal is not the same as the value you would receive to resell your valuables. Insurance appraisals are considered replacement values. If you have questions about selling, consigning, or trading any jewelry items or timepieces please contact us for further information!

Where Does Sandler’s Diamonds & Time Come In?

For years now, Sandler’s Diamonds & Time’s team of jewelers and watchmakers have strived to ensure you’ve had sophisticated pieces to wear with confidence. We believe part of that confidence comes from knowing every piece of your estate is properly insured.

Our G.I.A. Certified Gemologist is both qualified and adept at creating expert appraisals for your valuables. Every detail is carefully examined and documented, ensuring a complete and professional appraisal. From identifying quality and clarity of gemstones to dating information on vintage timepieces when possible. Whether you’ve just bought or been gifted a new timepiece or piece of jewelry, have moved, or just need updated documents, we have you covered. With an appraisal from Sandler’s Diamonds & Time you can confidently know that your investment is covered. No matter what happens.

While appointments are not necessary, appraisals take time to catalog all required information and document it properly. This can vary from piece to piece. For any questions, please give us a call or come in for a consolation.